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1Evaluation of effect factors on water quality of Karun River in downstream and lake of the Gotvand-e-Olya Dam (SW Iran)MJ Fard, H Amanipoor, S Battaleb-Looie, K GhanemiApplied Water Science2019
2Landfill site selection for solid drilling wastes (case study: Marun oil field, southwest Iran)M Saeedi, H Amanipoor, S Battaleb-Looie, M MumipourInternational Journal of Environmental Science and Technology2019
3Statistical modeling the effect of sediment physicochemical properties on the concentration of heavy metal (Case Study: Musa Creek, SW Iran)Maryam Ghazanfari, Shabankareh, Hakimeh Amanipoor, Sedigheh Battaleb-Looie, Javad Dravishi Khatooni.Environmental Earth Sciences2018
4Quality Evaluation of Groundwater Resources using Geostatistical Methods (Case Study: Central Lorestan Plain, Iran). .Maryam Safarbeiranvnd, Hakimeh Amanipoor, Sedigheh Battaleb-Looie, Kamal Ghanemi.Behrouz Ebrahimi. ,Water Resources Management2018
52017. Zonation of coastal sediments based on the effective properties on the accumulation of heavy metals using the IDW and kriging method (case study: SW IranGhazanfari, Amanipour, Battaleb-Looie, DarvishiGeocarto International2017
6Fluoride in groundwater, dates, wheat, and estimated exposure dose in the population of Bushehr. .Battaleb-Looie, Moore, Malde, Jacks.Journal of Food Composition and Analysis2013
7. Hydrogeochemical evolution of groundwaters with excess fluoride concentrations from Dashtestan, South Of Iran.Battaleb-Looie, Moore, Jacks, Jafari, OzsvathEnvironmental Earth Sciences2012
8Geological sources of fluoride and acceptable intake of fluoride in an endemic fluorosis area, Southern Iran,Battaleb-Looie, Moore, Jacks, Ketabdari.Environmental Geochemistry and Health2012
9study of fluoride groundwater occurrence in Posht-e-Kooh-e-Dashtestan, South of IranBattaleb-Looie, MooreWASJ2011
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